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Personalised keyring

Unit price  per 

Personalised keyrings available 

Options are  

1 . name, initial and flag 

2. rainbow vinyl one side with pronouns 

3. rainbow vinyl 2 sides with pronouns 

4. flag and pronouns ( rainbow on one side, flag on one side) 


please add note at check out with pronouns - names etc are required for order to be complete. 

As these keyrings are made to order please be aware creating time can take 3-5 days before shipping. 


Please be aware the pride flags we can make are as follows, if your flag is not on the list feel free to message to see if we can accommodate for you  

  • Rainbow 
  • Trans
  • Asexual
  • Non-Binary 
  • Demisexual 
  • Lesbian
  • Poly
  • Polyamorous 
  • Bisexual 
  • GenderQueer
  • Intersex 
  • Genderfluid 
  • Neutrios 
  • Bigender 
  • Ace Spec
  • Aroace 
  • Queer 
  • Aromantic
  • Trigender 
  • Lithosexual 
  • Alysgender
  • Greysexual 
  • Autosexual 
  • FraySexual
  • Pomosexual 
  • Ceterosexual 






If you would like a different flag not advertised here please feel free to ask if we can provide. 



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